IT/IS Strategy in Business

Every company must define its medium and long-term goals. For this reason, business managers must design an organization’s plan, in which they include the strategy to follow. Once the company has established its plan and strategy, all functional areas of the organization must develop their plans, which must be aimed at supporting the organization's strategy. Today, Information Technology and Systems (IT/IS) play a significant role in the business performance.  

The IT/IS department should analyze and interpret the organization's plan and strategy to be able to design a strategic plan aligned with the objectives and goals established in the organization's plan. This department should also evaluate existing systems and technology and IT infrastructure in order to identify the need for technology solutions. As well as provide recommendations to the company, to improve its execution and help create new sustainable competitive advantages.  

Strategic planning provides a theoretical framework, so that managers and executives of organizations can be able to outline the actions to be taken to direct the companies towards the future they envision. It is through strategic planning that executives map out actions and manage resources and human capital, based on a mission and a clear vision of the organization and its destination. Enterprises need to make sure their information strategy supports the current business needs and are prepared for future requirements. Strategic planning is all about where you want to go and how you plan to get there. 

If you’re not entirely sure of how to get started, there are consulting firms to inquire about such things. We’re one of them! You can learn all about how we approach building IT strategy for your company with our Infrastructure & IT Strategy Info Sheet, and contact us here in regards to getting started!