AI vs. Cybersecurity

There are many benefits that can come with the adoption and implementation of artificial intelligence, but experts believe such widespread acceptance will lead to more effective and more dangerous cyberattacks. Despite the idea that AI may be the best defense against such attacks, its increasing availability will likely lead to more advanced hacking techniques. 

Hackers have already hacked into huge institutions and disrupted the lives of many. As the Internet of Things adds new devices every day, the potential pool for AI hacks is also growing exponentially larger. SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has spoken about the dangers of AI on multiple occasions, calling it the biggest threat to our society, as well as urging world leaders to impose regulations before it’s too late. As opposed to us humans, who need food, sleep, and other things that create limits in our ability to perform surveillance, AI can act at any time and don't need to take breaks. AI are also capable of processing large amounts of data quickly, making attacks on databases faster and easier to accomplish. While such attacks could be far off, many experts believe they'll begin much sooner. 

Even if met with opposition, or programming to vulnerabilities that have since been changed, the AI can adapt quickly and more effectively than humans - and do so without human input. People defending against cyberattacks will be outmatched by AI, and unable to keep up with the speed at which it operates. This, of course, could lead to larger attacks, and the possibility of attacks that spiral out of control. Despite the potential dangers AI possess, it should be noted that not everyone is standing idly by and waiting for the worst to happen. 

People have also spoken out against Elon Musk's warnings, saying his statements are focusing on the wrong scenarios and making it harder to have an open conversation about our future with AI. Beyond these discussions, there's also technology being developed that can aid against potential threats. Quantum computers are said to be one of the tools we can use against cyberattacks. Companies like Google and IBM have also taken steps to strengthen our cyber security. 

It's inevitable that artificial intelligence is soon going to become a huge influence in our lives. While it's easy to dwell on the negative aspects of its advancement, we also need to dedicate an equal amount of time and effort to its benefits, to avoid finding ourselves incapable of dealing with either.