The Exponential Growth in Cybersecurity Threats to Businesses

According to the NTT Security 2018 Global Threat Intelligence Report, "ransomware increased by 350% in 2017 representing 7% of total malware," placing a heavy threat on all types of businesses in terms of cybersecurity. 17% of ransomware targets have been reported to be businesses and professional services, with ransomware being the reported "cybercriminals' weapon of choice." With a huge spike in 2017, and technology continuing to evolve and become more a part of a company's infrastructure than ever before, we can only expect the threat to increase exponentially in 2018. So, going forward, how can companies combat the imminent threat? 

First and foremost is to understand the enemy, how it works, and thus how to avoid it. What is ransomware? To put it simply, it's malicious software that locks out sensitive information that will only be unlocked by the cybercriminals after the victim pays a typically substantial monetary ransom. It's easy to see why big businesses are so heavily targeted.  

However, ransomware is not the only threat. Spyware and keyloggers are the most common form of malware, coming in at 26% of all malware globally and 39% in the Americas. Trojans are right behind at 25% globally. And who are they targeting? The finance, technology, and business sectors, who, in the Americas, absorbed a staggering 79% of all cybersecurity attacks in 2017. 

This data is all coming from just last year, one of the worst cybersecurity years on record. It's incontrovertibly imperative for companies to take these types of threats seriously, because it can destroy a business.  

Keeping employees up-to-date on the latest forms of malware is a key factor in avoiding malicious attacks. One of the most popular types of documents passed around day-to-day, the Microsoft Word document, is one of the most dangerous files to look out for. According to the NTT Threat Report, "in the past year, malicious Microsoft Word documents accounted for 78% of phishing campaign attachments in the US." Suddenly sending over a bit of copy to be proofread doesn't seem like such a monotonous task, and constant vigilance is a must during this explosion of cyberattacks.  

Keeping your company up-to-speed, having a reliable resource in terms of cybersecurity software and consulting, and constant vigilance and awareness is how to prevent these threats from increasing. Getting together with a consulting firm to discuss your options and potential disaster recovery strategies is a great first step towards a safer, more secure business. 

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