Living in the Ever-Growing Tech Industry

            Every year, newer, faster and easier-to-use technology is released into our world. Every day, over a thousands apps are uploaded into Apple’s App Store, the largest hub of mobile applications on the planet. A seemingly infinite amount of resources are sitting there right at our fingertips, just waiting for us to use them.

            Unfortunately, not everybody is on board with using the latest technology. Some of the logic makes sense: it takes time to learn how to use new software, and in today’s ever-changing world, sometimes it feels easier to use a system we’ve known for years. Just when we learn to use new technology, something else may be released to make it obsolete. I also sell computers at Best Buy, and one of the more common requests is for people to purchase computers with Windows 7 still installed on them. Yes, Windows 7, that software that released almost 8 years ago in 2009, people still want to use over the new Windows 10 operating system.

            People struggle with change, they like when they understand how everything works and how to navigate the software they already use. When things change, time has to be taken to learn new concepts, time that could otherwise be allotted towards working on a company project.

            But there’s a reason things are always changing, there’s a reason your operating system always wants to update. There’s a reason there are over one thousand apps are added into the App Store every day. We live in a world that is constantly trying to improve and innovate. Because, let’s face it: these new software gadgets are revolutionizing how we live our lives.

            Let’s take a look at some current events. You may have watched the latest Super Bowl, and even if you didn’t, you probably heard about the miraculous comeback by Tom Brady and company to win the game, down by 25 points. How is it that in such a tough, competitive league, Tom Brady has been able to continue to succeed, time and again, over a span of 17 years?

            Because he keeps improving and changing his game. Watch him play in 2003 versus today. He looks like an entirely different player. Watch 2007. Watch 2010. Watch 2013. Every year, Tom Brady is changing his mindset and changing his style. Why? Because he’s trying to find new ways to succeed. If he doesn’t, somebody else will.

            Just like the NFL, the world is a competitive place. Your business is constantly competing against other businesses, especially those in the same field of work. What makes Apple such a successful company? Their focus on technology is far different than anybody else’s. How does Nintendo still manage to sell their popular gaming consoles? Because their gaming systems aren’t like anything else in the world. How is Tesla becoming an empire in the auto industry? Because they don’t follow the status quo and keep things the way they already are and have been.

            We hate when things change, we hate adapting to new services and systems, but if you take the time to learn and grow, you may notice a shift in the wind. Efficiency skyrockets, and as you grow more comfortable with the latest technology, you reap it’s benefits.

            Be patient with technology, and open your mind to learn new tricks. Constantly evolve your mind, and never shut yourself out of an opportunity to learn something new. You lead such a path, and you’ll be welcoming success into your penthouse.

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