Dining in the North End? Here are Four Places People LOVE

1) Bencotto 

Location: 361 Hanover Street

Specialty: Pizza

Ben Cotto.jpg

Located on the corner of Hanover and Fleet Street, Bencotto is a pizzeria by trade. While this restaurant is only a few months old, they continue to provide the classic Italian family experience that diners look for in the North End. Making reservations online is easy, and something you’ll definitely want to do if you’d like to be seated here for dinner.

Bencotto is well known for their authentic Italian pizza. A quick look at their reviews and you will find that they don’t disappoint. If this restaurant were to be known for any one dish, look nowhere else but to the Saint Agrippina. Cooked in a brick oven like the rest of their pizza, it's topped with their delicious Italian sausage, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella cheese.

Their menu also features other popular options such as their delectable lobster ravioli and homemade fusilli pasta.

2) L'Osteria Ristorante

Location: 104 Salem Street

Specialty: Veal

L’ Osteria Ristorante.jpg

Located away from the bustling Hanover street, this restaurant is still a must-try. This classic Italian family-style restaurant has been providing lunch and dinner since the 80s, and is the personal favorite of many who flock to the North End for their Italian cuisine.

Their specialty is veal, and it’s arguably the best you’ll find in the North End. The two best veal dishes are their Veal L’Osteria and Veal Teresa. The Veal L’Osteria is layered with prosciutto, mushrooms, spinach, and mozzarella, baked with lemon, and dry white wine, while the Veal Teresa is sautéed in white wine with olives, anchovies, artichoke hearts, and mushrooms.

3) Ristorante Lucia

Location: 415 Hanover Street

Specialty: Abruzzo Flair

Ristorante Lucia.jpg

Situated at the heart of the North End, this family run establishment has been around since 1977. Started by the Frattaroli family shortly after emigrating to Boston from Italy, this restaurant brings the authentic taste of the Abruzzo region right to your plate. Making reservations a few days in advance is a must, as the wait for dinner can be painstakingly long.

While all of their dishes are homemade and receive raving reviews, their best are the featured Abruzzo dishes. However, when visiting Ristorante Lucia, you can’t go wrong with whatever you order. Among their best dishes is the Scaloppine Abruzzese, which is veal and chicken sautéed with butter, white wine, broccoli, and cheese, and pan tossed with penne rigate.

4) Modern Pastry Shop

Location: 257 Hanover Street

Specialty: Dessert

Modern Pastry 1.jpg

When looking for dessert in Boston, one of the go to places for outsiders is cannolis at Mike’s Pastries. But, after visiting there, waiting in long lines, you start to wonder, is this all of the sweetness that the North End has to offer? There’s good news, as Modern Pastry shop has enough sweet variety to satisfy the wildest of sweet tooths.

Personally, I recommend the delectable chocolate covered cheesecake. Their crème brûlée is fantastic as well. While those are my two personal favorites, they also known for making great cannolis, carrot cake, chocolate mousse, napolean, and chocolate ganache.

Modern Pastry 3.jpg
Modern Pastry 2.jpg