Meet Joel Matos, our Implementation Technician!

            One of the cornerstones of networking is extremely simple: just tell people about yourself. Don’t be afraid to let people know who you are. There isn’t some secret formula to networking - just go out and do it.

            That’s what we did at Techday. We got a booth, displayed the ChowDown logo, and told people about us. Some of those people told us about them as well, and in turn we acquired a handful of resumes to sift through, looking for the next member of our budding team.

            One of those resumes stood out amongst the rest. That resume belonged to Joel Matos, the latest addition to the MakesSense team. Joel is our Implementation Technician, and we’re ecstatic to have him on board!

            Joel stopped by TechDay shortly after finishing up with coding bootcamp, and was immediately interested in ChowDown. ChowDown, as you may have heard, is a personal dine-in assistant for smartphones, and before Joel got involved with software development, he co-owned a restaurant in Florida! That experience was invaluable to us, and having him on board has already proven to be essential towards ChowDown’s development.

            I’ve known Joel for only a short while, but he’s already proven to be a valued member to the team. Joel’s always made himself available to us, despite living in New York while the rest of us are based in Boston. It’s impressive how much he’s contributed with both restaurant knowledge and software development while working remotely.

           Joel’s told me that across all spectrums, whether it be running a restaurant or working as a software engineer, being able to socially interact with people from all different departments and interests is essential, and I can attest to that. It’s clear that mindset has allowed Joel to be successful in many different fields.

            It doesn’t mean you have to be a social butterfly; a lot of successful people in the industry are shy. But knowing how to connect and network can mean the difference between getting a job and being forgotten. That’s why we brought on Joel in the first place. He was memorable - he left an impression.

            Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Go to conventions, attend networking events, hand out your resume. You never know when an opportunity will come calling, and even if it doesn’t work out, keep trying. Stay in contact. Life doesn’t happen in one day; it develops over weeks, months, and years.

            Thanks for reading about our latest team member! Welcome to MakesSense, Joel Matos!