Features of ChowDown: Easy Pay

    Going out to eat with a large group of people can be a load of fun. You feel like kings and queens: there’s a big, long table in front of you, and it becomes filled with all different kinds of dishes and drinks. It’s loud and rowdy, but it’s okay; everybody’s laughing and joking, and eating delicious food. Fries and chips are being passed around the table, selfies are being taken, it feels magical.

    Doesn’t it sometimes remind you of the big feasts during the Harry Potter movies? I mean, seriously, imagine getting to eat that kind of food every day. I wish my school provided food like that!

    (Let me go on the record by saying Bridgewater State University actually had pretty good food).

    But suddenly, like being smacked on the back of the head with a book by Severus Snape himself, the magic stops. The bill appears in front of you, and it is long. It’s not the price that worries you; oh no, everybody was well aware that the bill was going to be large. No, it’s the tedious, arduous, seemingly endless task of divvying it all up between everybody that haunts you.

    Five minutes. Ten minutes. Fifteen. A half of an hour. You’re still there, in the restaurant. People are getting restless; antsy, even. What was a moment ago quite a merry gathering has now become a collection of grumps and mathematicians. The server is afraid to come over for the eleventh time for fear of being squawked at by the masses. And finally, when the deed is done, when the payment is due, it takes another good while for the server to tally the order between several cards, cash, coupons and gift cards.

    You think to yourself, my oh my, won’t there ever be a solution to this disaster?

    Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just pay from your phone? Do it all digitally, using one of the many services available to pay online. What if your entire bill was available right in front of you, and you could split the bill between everybody, split it evenly, easily pay for someone else if you’re treating someone to dinner? Wouldn’t that be nice?

    It’s a good thing that ChowDown (powered by MakesSense), your personal dine-in assistant, can literally do all of those things I just stated in the first paragraph.

    Yes. I know. Are you okay? You probably just fell out of your chair after reading that. Don’t worry, I’ll give you time to get back up.

    Okay. Heart rate back to normal? You’ve relaxed now? Good.

    Yes, it’s true. ChowDown will allow you to pay your bill, right from your phone. You can pay your own bill personally, split it evenly amongst everyone else, and even pay for somebody’s else’s meal; all right from your phone. It’s that easy!

    I know. We’ve already announced so many amazing things about ChowDown. The fact that you can end the day with such an easy way to pay for your bill, so there are absolutely no headaches whenever you go out to eat, is an absolute game changer.

    We’re just as excited as you are; dining has never been easier with ChowDown. We look forward to launching ChowDown later this year!