Features of ChowDown: Live Ordering

            You just keep waiting.

            And waiting.

            And waiting some more.

            It’s one of the most common complaints of any dining establishment: waiting. How many times did you figure out what you wanted to eat right after the server left, knowing that you’d have to wait another 5-10 minutes to place that order? What if halfway through your meal, you realize you could’ve used a side of fries, or you forgot to mention that you wanted some Sriracha sauce with your grilled chicken sandwich?

            Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to kindly contact your server regarding these inquiries? Like, tying a little note to the foot of a raven, and sending it off to tell your server “hey, I could use your help now!”

            …okay, I'm a little excited about Game of Thrones. Who isn’t?

            Fast forward to a dragon-less modern day; instead of a raven, we have these wonderful devices called smartphones. If you’re one of the hundreds of millions of people who own one, wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to send a quick message to your server right from your phone?

            And no, I’m not talking about asking your server for their phone number. I’m talking about one universal digital assistant that enhances the experience between you and your server! At MakesSense, we like to call that assistant ChowDown (if you haven’t already heard), and one of it’s cornerstone features, Live Ordering, is a big part of enhancing that patron-to-server interaction.

            How does it work? Well, I thought you’d never ask! When you’re inside of a restaurant partnered with ChowDown (powered by MakesSense), you’ll have access to their menu through the website. Once the FlavorFilter (as described in our previous article found here) has helped you pick out what to order, you can place that order. Once you place it, the server will get a notification so they can come out to meet you, confirm the order and send it to the kitchen.

            Now hold on, hold on; you may be asking, “why can’t I just send an order straight to the kitchen?” Well, why do you still go to the store and talk to a sales consultant whenever you buy something? To get advice, right? To make sure that it’s exactly what you’re looking for and you’re not missing anything. Well, the best servers always come with recommendations for what goes great with any entree. Whether that be a delicious side, the perfect sauce, or a matching bottle of wine, ChowDown will always grant the opportunity for the server to come over and make sure that everything will be made to perfection for you.

            This process continues throughout your night out. If you want to order some extra sauce, place another side order, get a refill, add on a dessert, or even just request another entree, you can do all of that through Live Ordering, and once your server makes sure everything is perfect for you, they’ll confirm the order and it’ll be out as soon as possible. Less waiting, and faster, more efficient service.

            That’s Live Ordering, one of the three pillars of your personal dine-in assistant, ChowDown!