Meet Jackie Morris, our Graphic Designer!

    Life is really just a whole lot of trial and error, especially when it comes to career choices. Im sure you’ve met a lot of people who went to college not exactly knowing what they were going to major in; maybe you were one of them. Many people also pursued a specific major and then made a switch partway through, because initially it wasn’t working out. I know I went to school to become a teacher, and a little over halfway through, I left the educational program and stuck with writing and writing studies. It’s a common practice, and one that some people are afraid of; why spend so much time in a major and then just leave it? It can feel like a huge waste of time.

    Our graphic designer, Jackie Morris, went through something similar during her college career at Binghamton University, except she actually went through with her degree in Psychology and graduated with a BA in the study. Doing some work in the field, she found out that working in clinics and hospitals really wasn’t for her, and decided to return to school for graphic design. She combined her knowledge of psychology with graphic design to learn about how people think and react in accordance to colors and design principles! You never know what will benefit you in the long run.

    The reason Jackie initially went with psychology was because she considered her art as more of a hobby than a career path, which is actually a very common thought process; I had the same thought process as well. I was afraid to say that I just wanted to become a writer because I felt that it was too ambitious, and that having a more stable job, like being a teacher, was more practical. Jackie knew what her passion was really driven towards, and eventually, her career path fell right into it. She even found a way to integrate the side trek she took with psychology into her passion. Understanding how people will react to certain colors and designs can definitely benefit the work of a graphic designer, especially when that work revolves around marketing.

    Sifting through your life goals can be a lot like graphic design itself; Jackie refers to graphic design “like solving a puzzle; the challenge is exciting and arriving with a solution that the client loves is very satisfying”. When working with a client, a lot of trial and error is involved, and it can be difficult to figure out exactly what the client wants in a design. So you try, and try, and try again until something sticks and makes everybody happy.

    We’re not always going to go down the path that leads directly to our desired career. Sometimes we go on a little side journey, and learn about something new. When we return to our true passion, that new knowledge can be applied to it in so many ways. No knowledge is wasteful, despite what people may think; don’t be afraid to go head on into a certain major when you’re unsure of your true life goals. 

    Jackie went to school to become a psychologist. She’s now a graphic designer for MakesSense, working on ChowDown, our upcoming personal dine-in assistant. There’s no way to predict where you will end up in life, so the best advice is to just take a chance. Learn something new, it won’t kill you; it’ll more than likely help you if anything. 

    Thanks for reading about Jackie, and stop by next week to learn about our CEO, Isaac Remy!