Features of ChowDown: FlavorFilter

It’s one of the greatest epidemics of our time. One of the largest time-consuming difficulties of this generation. Something we ponder constantly, and struggle to find an answer to. 

    “What do I want to eat?”

    The problem isn’t always what kind of food you want to eat; typically we all have that down. You want something spicy, or something sweet. You’re feeling meat, or noodles. There’s a general taste that you’re currently craving; the problem is picking between the many entrees that lie before you, each of them presenting your craving in a different, unique way, all appealing to your inner desires and a part of you wants to just order everything and try it all. Alas, this is not a practical solution, but time is running out; this is the third time the server has come around, and everybody else at your table already knows what they want. You ask and ask, but nobody seems to have an answer for you other than “whatever you want”. You pick something out of a hat when the ordering finally comes around to you, and you settle for something you probably already had last time, and while you knew it was good, you could have tried something new. You could have been adventurous, but instead, you played it safe. 

    What if somebody was always there to help you narrow down your choices? What if, bogged down by all of life’s other pleasantries and anxieties, you had an assistant with you, at all times, to show you what bests tickles your tastebuds? 

    Well, it would certainly be a convenience, especially when you can’t even decide where you want to eat. What if somebody was there to remind you that you are a huge fan of steak, and there’s this great restaurant with raving reviews, not too far from where you are now, that has some of the best steak around? Your assistant tells you exactly where it is. It’s practically a no-brainer, and you head on your way.

    You’re not quite sure what exactly to order when you finally arrive, but you know you want something having to do with steak. Some sort of nice meat, but there are so many options. A filet mignon? A New York strip? Tips? And what about the sides, what goes well with a steak? As you’re pondering every possibility available to you, you feel a tap on your shoulder.

    There appears your assistant, here to help in a time of need. Recommending the sweet potato fries, letting you know they’re very popular at this establishment. As for the steak, you can’t go wrong with a filet mignon; the reviews are raving, as your assistant tells you some of the stories former patrons told of the juicy, exquisite steak. Your decision is made, and you enjoy a stress-free night of dining.

    Deciding what you want to eat isn’t always the easiest of tasks; it’s actually one of the main reasons ChowDown was concocted in the first place. Isaac Remy, our CEO, is notorious for having huge difficulties deciding what he wants to eat, every time he goes out to eat. He wanted to solve this problem, and thus, ChowDown was born. One of ChowDown’s core features, the FlavorFilter, is designed to help you find exactly what suits your needs and lifestyle. It’s functionality tailored entirely to you; the more you use it, the more it learns about you and the better it can help you.

    ChowDown isn’t just another dining app; it’s a personal dine-in assistant, there to help you out every step of the way, tailored to your lifestyle. The FlavorFilter is just an inkling of what ChowDown can do for you, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to your own personal dine-in assistant, coming this July (2017).