How to Write that Perfect Resume

It’s your own personal work document. It’s a quick summary of everything you’ve accomplished over your life. Your resume is your bread and butter to moving on up in the business world.

There are many people, however, who have the content, but not the proper means to present it. Too many people design a resume that is poorly organized, so every big accomplishment is either lost in a jumbled mess of words, or they’re not accentuated in such a way that they will be noticed. Making sure your resume is well-written is essential, so here are some tips to creating the perfect resume!

Keep everything short and sweet. You don’t need to write an in-depth job description about your time working customer service for a retail store. I would recommend no more than two lines per job, and if possible, keep it to a single line, especially if you have a lot of content to write down. Ideally, your entire resume is on a single, full page.

Know what you want to accentuate. Sometimes this depends on the job you’re going for. If you’re going for an position in education, like a professor or an academic administrator, you may want to have your education section closer to the top with a few extra details. If you’re going for a job in sales, be sure to highlight any past jobs over anything else.

Write a concise career goal. Most resumes start with a career goal in mind; basically, where you plan to be in the future and what you’re aiming for. Keep those aspirations short, and choose every word carefully; be sure to highlight your passion, but stay away from cliches and common phrases that sound empty.

Use templates as guidelines only. Do not copy and paste a template and simply put in your information. This is easily caught, and the lack of creativity and innovation to make your resume entirely your own is going to go against you. There’s nothing wrong with getting different ideas by reading other resume templates to get some sort of idea, but it’s always ideal to build your resume from the ground up.

Get a peer editor. It’s always good to have a friend who went to school for writing, especially professionally. If you’re still in school, consider taking a technical writing class, where you will learn how to write professionally, which includes resumes and cover letters. 

Your resume is your key to success in the world! You want to make sure you write it as effectively as possible. Thanks for reading, and be sure to like and follow our blog for all future posts and updates!