Meet our President, Anthony Lopez-Morales!

    It wasn’t hard for me to say yes when I learned that Anthony was starting up a company and was interested in my abilities as a writer. By then I had already learned that he was the type of person who will, unequivocally, go far in life.

    You learn that quickly when you listen to his attention to detail, when his face gets stern as he starts to go on and on about any topic. Seriously, pick a topic: business, politics, finance, technology; as long as it isn’t about sports, Anthony already knows all of the details. 

    He lets you forget that, too. His personality can be so carefree and goofy, you sometimes forget you’re talking to the Co-Founder and President of MakesSense, LLC. Meet Anthony Lopez-Morales.

    He still gets carded for rated-R movies, but Anthony has one of the most impressive resumes to date at the young age of twenty. He’s amassed years of experience at Best Buy in multiple positions, mostly as an analyst for Geek Squad, and has also worked at a non-profit known as IMUNA, managing it’s administrative operations. He’s spent much of his life working towards his goals; he started on the path to becoming a computer engineer, eventually shifted his passions towards business and policy development, and is currently attending Suffolk University for Politics. He’s also now co-founded a company called MakesSense; I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it. Did I mention he’s not even legally allowed to drink alcohol yet?

    Anthony’s the type of person that everybody knows. Every single employee at my Best Buy store knows Anthony, and knows him well. They all have some sort of opinion about him, strong or otherwise, and that’s because he has a personality like no other. He’s commanding, yet friendly. He’s lovable, yet fierce. Even when he has no structured authority in a given position, he still has a way of commanding the room and maintaining a presence. It’s respectable, but Anthony has found a way to keep that respect at such a level that he can still be close to you, fool around with you, and laugh with you. At the same time, he still has his expectations.

    It was hard to imagine what it would be like working for Anthony, after working with him for almost a year. So far, it’s been a remarkable experience; Anthony is not the type of leader that sits back and lets his cronies do all of his work. He doesn’t kick back at his desk and tell everybody to simply go and do their job. He does our jobs with us, he gets involved, and sometimes he even takes over, to a degree. If we need help, he helps, and I can’t remember the last time I had trouble getting in touch with him. He’s the type of leader who is constantly and readily available at the drop of a hat. 

    The way his mind works and the efficiency of what he does is not measurable. You can’t just say he’s efficient in this aspect, he has skills here and here; he doesn’t work that way. His mind is constantly adapting, it’s changing, and he’s always considering new possibilities for everything he does. If you don’t keep up, it’s easy to fall behind, because Anthony is always thinking a hundred steps ahead and considering every single possible outcome to his moves. He knows the details. It’s almost as if he can predict the future. 

    At the end of it all, Anthony is completely driven with his passions. He strives to be perfect in every aspect, which is rare amongst most people; many people are satisfied with what they have, but Anthony will never be satisfied. He’ll always be looking to see where he can improve, he’ll always find the smallest detail that can be fixed. In many ways, his early days of becoming a computer engineer has developed into the administrative world; like a computer, everything has to work perfectly to function, and that’s how he views the world. Everybody has their job, everything has their purpose, and if every person in a company works to the best of their ability doing what they do best, then it’s going to succeed. That’s Anthony’s mantra. That’s how he runs things. That’s how he leads: he finds what’s great about people, and allows them to flourish in their greatness.

    Like I said, it wasn’t a hard decision to jump on board with MakesSense. After reading Isaac’s article last week and this week about Anthony, you’ve gotten to know our two co-founders and leaders at MakesSense. It’s a company driven by passion and driven by people who live off of passion. As Anthony said to me, “take the chance - whether it’s your dream to be an artist or a rocket scientist, if you feel the passion, you cannot ignore it. It will eat away at you every single day. You owe it to yourself to follow your passions.”

    Take that chance. Don’t ignore your dreams. 

    Thanks for reading about Anthony, and if you haven’t, don’t forget to look back and read about all of the other wonderful employees we have here at MakesSense as well. It’s been a pleasure sharing everybody’s stories with you, and hopefully down the line, I’ll get the chance to do this again as more people join our team.