Meet our CEO, Isaac Remy!

    Meet people. Network. Attain and maintain connections. These are all key components in what makes or breaks a successful entrepreneur. Not everybody finds a specific job and sticks with it for years and years; some people travel, and I don’t mean from state to state or country to country. I mean people travel between careers, they explore new possibilities and whatever seems advantageous to them at the time, they jump on it.

    Isaac Remy, the CEO and Co-Founder of MakesSense, isn’t the type of person to settle down. He’ll never put his feet up on his desk and relax without thinking about what’s next. Whether that next is the next business opportunity for his company, or his next venture for personal growth, Isaac is always traveling to new places, and new possibilities. 

    Isaac’s approach to people and his charisma is uncanny, which is one of the first qualities about him that I observed while working with him at Best Buy. No conversation felt awkward, no discussion was left without powerful meaning. When Isaac first told me about ChowDown and MakesSense, I was immediately interested. You can tell when somebody is passionate about something, and they don’t have to be yelling at the top of their lungs like Ray Lewis, not that that isn’t passion in itself. I could tell Isaac was serious about ChowDown, and I wanted in. 

    At the end of the day, Isaac understands people, and understanding people is a huge skill to have when starting up a business. He’s spent a lot of his time as a technical recruiter for multiple firms, finding the right people for the right jobs and understanding how people can fit into different niches. He also founded an entertainment company, Mos Official Entertainment, which with he worked with many artists, from local aspiring stars to cemented artists. In his 20 years of experience, Isaac has met a lot of people, and maintains those connections so when he needs somebody to help out, he’s “got a guy”, for anything. 

    The ability to talk to people can be so undervalued, but we scarcely notice how poorly we can present ourselves to other people, and how difficult it can be to get a point across in the most effective way. The kind of charisma that Isaac boasts is uncanny, which is why in his young life, success has followed him along the way.

    The most important thing? Isaac never settles, as I said before. He’s always looking forward, always thinking about the next step. Similar to Tom Brady’s mantra of his favorite Super Bowl ring being “the next one”, what Isaac can attain now is only a fraction of what’s to come in the future. We can all be annoyed when somebody pumps our breaks, but we need that person in our life so we can slow down and consider what’s next. Because if you stop and bask in the moment for too long, somebody else is going to take your seat on the train going forward. Then you’re stuck. 

    We’ve got a long way to go with MakesSense and ChowDown, but with Isaac Remy as a part of the helm, we’ve got great guidance for the long-term success of this company. Thanks for reading about Isaac, and next week, concluding this series about the minds that MakesSense, we’ll visit the President and Co-Founder of the company, Anthony Lopez.