Meet John Mancino, our Quality Assurance Analyst!

Ah, John Mancino. Assuring us all of the quality of everything by analyzing it. I have a feeling some of you clicked on this article with one question in your mind: what the heck is a quality assurance analyst?

Basically, what John does is test things. He tests things to the extreme, to such an extreme that he tries really, really hard to break them. He purposely pushes everything to the edge to see just how far it can go before breaking. The purpose? To make sure things work properly, and any and all possible issues are eliminated.

John actually stumbled upon quality assurance while going to Champlain College for video game design, which would make sense; a video game is basically an extremely complex bit of software, and like all software, glitches are abundant. Making sure a video game works properly is a huge part of the development process, and this part of the process is what drew a large portion of John’s interest. 

Patience is an absolute virtue in this field, because glitches can be found in the most unexpected places. “Be curious and be random,” John told me. “Hit ten keys on your keyboard at once, click that button 1,000 times, hit backspace for no reason, click that blank area on your screen, you never know what might cause a bug.” Getting really creative with using software in ways that it was never intended to be used for is a huge skill in this field. 

It’s kind of like real life. Try absolutely everything. The journey to getting a career as a quality assurance analyst is almost a part of the practice in itself. Put your name into absolutely everything, trying everything possible, except instead of trying to break your life, you’re trying to find what works. The nuance works both ways; sometimes, you have to be curious and you have to be random. Who knows. Maybe you’ll stumble across your future career while working the warehouse at Best Buy. That’s pretty random, right?

John came up to me one day, late in the day at Best Buy, telling me he was interested in joining MakesSense. I was quite surprised, but definitely interested and excited. Months working together, and I had no idea the other skills John had with software. Next thing I knew, John was on the team! All it took was him approaching somebody and taking a chance, selling himself, and taking advantage of a quite random situation. He’s the quality assurance analyst of MakesSense because he went to college for video game design coupled with working at Best Buy. It doesn’t get much more random than that.

Thanks for reading, and get excited to read about our Chief Financial Officer, Devin Rodrigues, next week!