Meet Chiara BoisAubin, our FrontEnd Developer!

One of the first things that Chiara said to us was that we needed to completely re-do our website. It wasn’t long before she had a list of things that needed to get fixed and she began working on a solution. In case you were wondering how to make a first impression, that’s a pretty good example right there; join the team, and immediately look for solutions to make the company better.

That’s our front-end developer, Chiara BoisAubin. Before MakesSense, she was a freelancer for graphic and web design for a couple of years, but wanted to change things up a bit and work with code instead. So, she embarked on the hunt for a new job, and she stumbled upon MakesSense on Angel list. It’s exactly what she was looking for.

She said it was a good fit for her because she “wanted to commit with a company but [she] also wanted to be able to still be independent and creative”. At MakesSense, we’re all about creativity. We consider each and every option from everybody in the company. We strive to find that balance of development and creativity that Chiara was yearning for., and that’s why she chose us. Outside of efficiency, MakesSense also pushes passion and creativity. 

When working with technology, you have to be creative because it’s always changing and evolving. Everybody’s already done the easy, straight forward solution to every problem. There has to be a twist, something somebody hasn’t done before, and with millions of apps being developed every year, being entirely unique becomes harder and harder. 

Of course, technology has to have practicality, as well. You can create an entirely unique piece of technology, but if it’s use is not practical, then it’s pointless. There has to be a balance between what is useful and easy to use, and what is different and game changing. Focusing too much on one or another can result in failure. Whenever you think of a brilliant idea, think to yourself: “has this already been done before?”, and, “is this really the most efficient way to get this done?” 

That’s how Chiara models her work ethic, anyway. Find a creative way for something to work, but make sure it’s still effective and that it actually functions. A simple formula, but difficult to master. Since Chiara has been with us, she’s been all-in on ChowDown, our personal dine-in assistant launching in July. She’s brought a ton of ideas to the table, and without her ChowDown wouldn’t be what it is today. 

Thanks for reading about one of our developers, Chiara! Now that you know more about our front-end developer, check back next week to read about our graphic designer, Jacquelyn Morris!!