Meet Kelly Miscadyn, our CTO!

It’s amazing how retaining connections can lead to something amazing.

Meet Kelly Miscadyn, our Chief Technology Officer at MakesSense. Kelly leads, designs, implements and crafts the company’s vision when it comes to technology. Kelly helps get us set up with different services to use as a company, and he’s always available at the drop of a hat when any of us have a technical issue that needs resolution.

He’s one of the most experienced members of our team: with 15 years of experience in information technology on top of a master’s degree, Kelly’s knowledge is invaluable. That’s probably why Isaac reached out to him personally to become the CTO of MakesSense. It was a no brainer.

Through circumstance, Isaac Remy, our CEO, was able to contact Kelly. Years ago, they were college roommates, and that connection has stuck around until opportunity struck. After years of being off of Facebook, Kelly reactivated his account and it just happened to be around the time Isaac and Anthony Lopez-Morales, our President, started to form MakesSense. The timing couldn’t have been better, and since I joined the team it was immediately apparent why Kelly is here. 

When I asked him, Kelly shared with me a bit of advice about working in his field for so long: interact with others as individuals. Everybody’s personality is different, and you need to have the proper dynamics for a successful team, as he said. It’s funny because this is the same advice my father gave me after his experience as a supervisor. He always told me about the many different personalities he had to work with through the years and it’s true, it’s very important to understand how to act and work with different kinds of people, no matter what your position is in a company. In a startup, you’ll be working closely with people from all departments much more-so than in a full-fledged company, so it becomes even more important to have that kind of open mind and flexible attitude working closely with everybody. 

Well, that’s Kelly Miscadyn for ya! A core member of our growing team here at MakesSense, so next week come back to learn more about Chiara BoisAubin, our Frontend Developer!