Meet Devin Rodrigues, our Chief Financial Officer!

Whether you’re in school now, or you were in school before, you know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with school work. On top of that school work, you may have also been preoccupied with a part- or even full-time job. It’s not easy, is it? We’ve all been there in one way or another: working and going to school is incredibly difficult and time consuming.

But I bet not many of you ran a one-manned finance department for an up-and-coming startup company while still in school. Meet Devin Rodrigues, Chief Financial Officer of MakesSense, and senior year student at Bentley University. He can barely drink legally, but his resume already packs a punch.

Working hard isn’t something new to Devin, either; MakesSense wasn’t his first venture with a startup. In his second summer of college, he began contracting as an accountant for different companies. He worked under another CFO at one point, learning the tricks of the trade. He once worked for an outdoor recreation company, and at another point a software company. The point is, Devin gets around. He finds opportunities, and he pounces on them. There has never been a task too tall for him, and that’s the kind of passion that brought him onboard with MakesSense so early on.

Devin knew Isaac Remy, our Co-Founder and CEO, through basketball. No, they didn’t play together; Isaac was actually Devin’s basketball coach. Some time after, Isaac approached him about his ideas and Devin was immediately enthused by Isaac’s passion. He could see the fire in Isaac’s eyes, and he could tell that this was more than just throwing ideas around and dreaming. Isaac was completely serious about MakesSense and ChowDown, and Devin wanted in on that passion.

That’s what drives Devin. Passion. You can read all of the books you want, but if you lack passion, that arduous study will only get you so far, and I know when i first met Devin I could sense the passion in him. He’s deeply interested in everything that’s going on with the company; he constantly asks the development team questions about ChowDown and it’s functionality, and he messages me every now and then pitching new ideas for articles. Devin’s the type of worker who does his role, and also reaches out and helps everybody else out, too. He understands the team mentality, and his drive is what’s made him so successful in his young but illustrious career.

That versatile mindset is so key in a startup, and I know Devin isn’t the only person in this company with that mindset, either. When working with a startup, it is essential to work outside of your regular role. You may have multiple tasks thrown at you in a heartbeat, and some of those tasks will be something you’ve never done before. That’s where you just give it a shot anyways. You try it, you do it, and from everything, you learn. You can’t learn if you don’t give it a shot.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about our CFO, Devin, and get excited because next week we’ll be taking a peek into development with our CTO, Kelly Miscadyn!