5 Types of Apps that Have Changed the Way We Live

Smartphone apps have become an integral component to our lives. Phones have become much more than just regular phones, of course; they’ve become personal mini computers. Many phones are faster and more powerful than some actual computers! No matter the phone you have, whether it be an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, or anything else, you have access to seemingly unlimited apps. Here are some of the ones that have complete changed our lifestyles.

iTunes/Tidal/Spotify/Every Other Music App - Listening to music is a past-time that dates back centuries, and over the years, people have been working hard at making it easier for us to listen to music at any time. You used to have to go to a concert to listen to any sort of professional music; if you wanted music in your home, well, you had to buy sheet music and play it for yourself. Then came record players, then cassettes, and CDs. Finally, the MP3 player came along, where we could organize music on a digital platform.

From there, it further evolved. MP3 players became an integral part of our smartphones, and eventually, services like Tidal and Apple Music arose where we could access all of our music online, for just a monthly fee. Now, I can listen to just about any piece of music, anywhere I am, at any time, as long as I have an internet connection. I don’t need to carry around a separate music player let alone CDs or cassettes; it’s all there on my phone.

Venmo/Cashapp - No more waiting for your buddy to get his savings transferred to his checking so he can take money out of the bank in order to pay you back a measly $10 for dinner last Friday. Just press a few buttons on your phone and send the money right away! A lot of banking apps also allow for money transfers, but Venmo and Cashapp can be used with any bank account, between anyone.

Health App - The easier we make it for EMTs and doctors to know how best to help us and contact our loved ones, the better off we are. Apple has a great application called Health, which is a personal hub that contains all of your secure health information. With Health is a specific feature called Medical ID, which is accessible, if you which, from the home screen of your phone, so EMTs, if necessary, can access contact information about you, as well as basic essential information as well. It’s not something that may be as popular with your every day life like other apps mentioned in this article, but it’s definitely something.

News Apps - There’s too many to count. CNN, ESPN, FOX, you name it. Most phones have their own universal news app anyway where you can have all of your favorite news providers in the same place. We’ve gone from “you won’t believe who the Patriots signed”, and “you won’t guess what happened in Chicago last night”, to, “you saw it too, right? Unbelievable”. We’re all connected, we're all in the loop. The second a bit of news leaks out, all of our phones ring and we all read it collectively. There’s no more spreading the word, the word is already out. It’s plastered everywhere we go, and even if it isn’t through news applications, it’s all over Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, any social media app out there. I don’t know anybody my age that even bothers with the newspapers anymore because everything is available online at the drop of a hat. A few decades from now, there’s no doubt newspapers will be extinct.

Uber/Lyft - If I needed a ride somewhere, I could have somebody outside of my doorstep in just a few minutes. Years ago, not even a full decade, I’d need to be rich with my own personal driver in order to have a luxury like that. Otherwise, I’d be waiting a lot longer to get a taxi, or I’d have to walk down to the bus stop to catch a ride. There’s very little worry these days about getting places; a ride is just a slide and a tap away.

We’re a spoiled generation. There’s little need for so many utilities, as almost everything is covered by our phones. Our phones can tell time, tell the weather, be a calculator, and can still take phone calls, too! Apps have become an essential part of our life, and there are millions of examples to explain why. We’re even making our own app, ChowDown, that we hope to become an essential part of your dining experience!

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