Why Tech Companies are the Companies to Work for in 2017

A lot of people graduating college and getting degrees are asking the same question: where can I get a job in 2017? A lot of the jobs that our parents and their parents had when they were growing up are gone, either outsourced or no longer required for modern society. Getting experience can be really difficult, as getting accepted into internship programs is incredibly difficult and competitive.

Luckily, the adage “technology is changing everyday” actually means a great deal for job opportunities. As technology grows and more and more companies are taking advantage of society’s latest technological advances, more jobs are opening up revolving around technology, as well.

This bodes incredibly well for a younger generation that has grown up with this kind of technology. As somebody who sells computers, I know that a lot of people, particularly older people, have a lot of trouble using technology. A lot of them mention that they have an “IT guy” who helps them out. Many of them take advantage of service plans with companies like the Geek Squad, and are willing to pay hundreds of dollars just to have somebody help them better understand and make use of technology. People who didn’t grow up and develop their minds around this technology are at a disadvantage compared to the young, budding minds who are using technology every day.

Not only does this apply to actually using technology properly, but it also relates to a company’s growth. As I said before, young people are making the best use of technology in today’s world, and therefore, all of the online trends are going to be most relatable with the younger generation. So, popular companies that have been around for decades who are looking to stay relevant are eager to hire young, bright minds who can not only take care of the more technical aspects of the evolved business, but also keep the company relevant on social media pages. Tons of companies are now taking advantage of emojis, memes and quick and witty comedy to attract consumers: and it’s working.

Whether you’re a writer, a social butterfly, a builder or a strategist, the tech industry has a place for you. Look at me! I went to school for writing and I’m working with software startup MakesSense. People who are great working with other people know how to get the word out on anything, and attract people to like their product. The best way to do that is over social media, a place where social skills, writing skills and visual creativity skills all can come into play. Maybe you like to build things; there are more tools than ever to create amazing software that everybody can enjoy.

You may not have considered working in the tech industry, but the more you think about it, the more today’s world is revolving around technology, and becoming a part of the movement will only propel you further in your career. With the internet forever expanding, more and more opportunities are opening up for people outside of just software developers and engineers. Open your mind up and explore the possibilities; your talents could be coveted in a place you never imagined possible.

The kinds of opportunities around us today weren’t around when we were kids, but today you can take your childhood dream and expand it even more to places you never thought possible. Just get a little creative. Working with tech companies is the way to go in 2017; we’re certainly looking for people here at MakesSense. Take a look around, and give it a shot.

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