Meet Nate Bishop, our Content and Marketing Specialist

The newest addition to our team, Nate has been with us at MakesSense for a short while but has already made quite an impact.

As the content and marketing specialist for our team, Nate helps us out with everything from brainstorming and creating content for our social media pages, to chiming in on how to best market ourselves as a company.

Still in school, Nate is still growing and learning – he currently attends Emmanuel College in Boston for a BA in English, Communications and Media Studies. He’s already developed his own photography brand, Nate Shots, and already has a solid resume of creative works. It wasn’t hard to see his potential and ability to contribute to the team here at MakesSense.

At a young age, Nate understands the nuances of what it means to be a content creator; you have to think of the audience, who you’re writing to. You have to adapt to the audience, and you have to be engaging. Writing a blog article isn’t anything like writing an academic essay. That’s his philosophy, and that’s my philosophy as well.

I’ve been with this company for over a year now and it’s amazing to see how much we’ve grown, and everything that’s changed over the first year. I say this all of the time – working with a startup is one of the most invigorating and unique experiences you can ever have, and I recommend whole-heartedly to everybody to give startups a chance. You learn and grow so much, and work closely with every member of the team.

Welcome to the team, Nate! We’re excited to have you on board!