Trying to Eat Healthier? Here Are Some Fast Tips

The decision to start eating healthier always begins as a dreadful one. You have to cut down on, or entirely remove, certain foods and dishes that you’ve always loved and enjoyed for the sake of your health. It’s important, though, that we learn moderation and develop more responsible eating habits. You'll feel and live better, and keep away from illnesses with a stronger immune system. Where to begin, though? How do we make such a sudden change in our everyday lives overnight? The answer is, you don’t. Make it overnight, that is. 

You’ve got to make the changes gradually. Slowly cut away from certain foods, and cut down on portions. Just make little changes by adding or subtracting bits and pieces of your typical meals so the transition is that much easier. Here are some specific examples to get you started: 

Look for smaller portion. Most of the time, burgers come as either single or double patties. Most people order a double; it’s typically only another dollar more, and you get double the meat. However, if you’re trying to eat a little bit healthier, try knocking it down to just a single patty. You’ll be surprised at how filling even just a single burger can be. Consider a small size with subs, or a smaller basket of wings. You don’t have to immediately cut out your favorite meals; just cut down on the portions. The best way to approach this is to eat slowly - so many of us wolf down our food and eat so much so quickly. If you eat slowly, you'll be surprised at how much you don't need to eat. 

Find the healthiest food you already like to eat. There’s a chance that there’s already a dish that you really enjoy that also happens to be pretty good for you. Make this your new go-to meal as a step in the right direction. I've always enjoyed an occasional chicken caesar salad, and now it’s one of my favorite easy meals to have all of the time. Of course, like chicken caesar salad, it may not be the absolute healthiest meal in the world, but something like a caesar salad is certainly better than a few slices of pizza. Starting the development of healthier eating habits is how you make the full transition to a healthier lifestyle. 

Discover healthier substitutes. Turkey bacon actually tastes pretty good, and as a bacon fanatic myself, it’s existence is a savior for somebody who is looking to eat a little bit healthier. Find those healthier alternatives to your meals, like wheat bread instead of white, or grilled chicken instead of fried, and you’ll discover that making the switch to a healthier diet isn’t as hard as you thought.  

Live without soda. Soda is a huge reason for weight gain, and cutting it out of your life is guaranteed to help you lose unhealthy fat and feel better. All of that sugar and sodium is really bad for you, especially when consumed regularly. Drinking diet soda can even promote weight gain, because the artificial sweeteners can make you even more hungry! 

Get healthy snacks. Snacking is where we get a lot of our unhealthy eating habits, munching on things like cookies, chips and crackers. Instead, buy a bag of pistachios, keep a banana on you, or get some orange slices (real orange slices, not the fruity candy). If you can fill your day with healthy choices between the big meals, you’re setting yourself up for success.  

There are many ways to get your diet back on track, all it takes is a little bit of planning and some tweaks on the grocery list.  

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